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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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The tasting
On Thursday, I went to a whisky tasting held by the SMWSA with the inimitable pacingincircles and jediseth. The event was held at the Taj Boston, a very swank venue. Upon arriving, we made our way to the ballroom, where we checked in. Upon check-in we were given a tasting glass, a pen and a journal that listed the whiskies available along with room to record our impressions, and a chit which was to be exchanged for cigars. We headed directly to the tasting room, where we staked out a spot at a table, and looked around. There were 30 purveyors of whisky with things to sample around the edges of the room. We decided that we would try the Japanese whisky, Suntory Yamazaki 18 year. We followed this by hitting the food, which was buffet style, and quite tasty. Then, back to the tasting. I tried quite a few really good whiskies, but the outstanding one was from The Classic Cask, batch SW105 a 35 year old whisky. It was the favorite of pacingincircles and jediseth as well. Quite possibly the best i've ever had. The event was quite a bit less snooty than I had feared -- people were friendly and comparing notes. The president of the Society was serving behind the society's table and was quite friendly and would go on at length about the whiskies you were tasting. The Laphroaig guys were taking a torch to a big chunk of peat occasionally filling the room with the smell of burning peat. All in all, we came away with the agreement that it was totally worth the price of admission, and that we were definitely going next year.

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The scotch you shared at the house was exceptional. Once again, many thanks. I intend on bringing tasty goodness from the Northwest to repay the favor. Do you like beer or wine as well teh hard stuff? If you do, let me know preferences so I can represent. :) Cheers!

I'm not much of a beer drinker. I do like wine. Not as much as whisky, but I like it ;)

Excellent. Wine I can do. Any particular varietals or blends you prefer?

definitely going next year

And I'm definitely coming with you.


Good good :) the more the merrier ;)

also, apparently if you have a large enough group, you can get a reserved table ;)

So how was the Suntory? I've always been a little curious about that stuff; I seem to recall hearing that it didn't really approach the from-Scotland scotch, but I've never tried it.

Well, it was quite drinkable, but lacked a certain... complexity that I usually expect from a single malt. It was by no means bad, it just was very straightforward.

Follow-up question: could you send about a gallon of it through the series of tubes and out my USB port? It's 12:30 and I'm already fed up with stupid @$#%in' work.

Sadly my experiments in this regard have not met with much success. no matter how good the whiskey is that you put in , at the far end you only get bad plastic jug vodka. Sorry.

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