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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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the guess the songs game!
So here's the first lines of the randomly selected first 25 songs from my collection that have lyrics.

No googling the lyrics ;P

1. Dressed only in clothes/From her head to her toesS-E-X-X-Y- They Might Be Giants- etherial
2. Inside a broken clock, splashing the wine with all the [title] Rain Dogs -Tom Waits bouncingleaf
3. Tossed into my mind, stirring the calm
4. So I wrote it all in a letter/ But I dont know if it came
5. Possesions never meant anything to me. I'm not crazy
6. I can't get to sleep/ I think about the implications
7. All the stars may shine bright/ All the clouds may be white
8. Off in the distance rises up a mighty roar
9. You can never see it/I keep it in a jar Mighty Penis Laser - Big Dumb Face the_mattbastard
10. Ain't it funny how we pretend we're still a child
11. You walked in to the room/ I just had to laugh Change - Tears for Fears gotten by trystero
12. Take a look at my body/ Look at my hands
13. Your softly spoken words/ Release my whole desire
14. He smiled to the world /But his heart fell below his pain Fall in Two - Guster gunthersdncemix
15. This is the first day of my last days Wish - NIN trystero
16. Here she comes on her palanquin/ on the back of an elephant
17. When life seems full of clouds and rain and i'm full of nothin but pain
18. I took a tram into the 4th dimension
19. Seen the carnival at Rome/ Had the women I had the booze
20. Where do I see the light/ It's all gone dead in a way
21. Midnight, our sons and daughters/ Were cut down and taken from us Mothers of the Disappeared -U2trystero
22. Say, where did I see this guy? /In red river?
23. It was a weekend’s eve/ I had sex on my breath
24. I'm broken hearted, I'm a broken man.
25. I need someone /a person to talk to/ someone who'd care to love Kiss Off - Violent Femmes lalaithpigeon

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1. S-E-X-X-Y by They Might Be Giants

I know 11 but can't place it.

#11 is Tears For Fears, "Change"
#15 is Nine Inch Nails, "Wish"
#21 is U2, "Mothers of the Disappeared"

#9 big dumb face "mighty penis laser"?
#12 an 19 seem real familiar but I cant place them.

wow, i didn't think anyone would get number 9...

I have a gift for recognizing the stoopid. Myt gift/my curse...

25 violent femmes "kiss off"

I keep thinking 5 is "Institutionalized", but I don't think it starts that way. :)

20 is so close to the tip of my tongue... Is that Tom Waits? Something off Bastards?

Man, I guess I suck at this game. I figured I'd get SOMETHING off your playlist. ;)

#2 = "Raindogs" by Tom Waits??

heh. 7 and 13 were buggin' me so I looked them up and gee, now I know why.

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