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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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screw-on head
It seems that the alchemists are having a conference in Las Vegas in October. If you go you'll apparently:

· Discover the secret history of alchemy and how it is practiced today.

· Learn the secret formulae and processes of the alchemists.

· Learn how to set up an alchemical laboratory in your own home.

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also, the masons are advertising on the radio.

Whatever gets transmuted in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

I wonder if...

...oh hey, Jeff is one of the speakers. Neat!

If you look up the list of speakers, on the right-hand column there's an "In Memorandum" section. If they were hardcore alchemists, they'd call it "Lost the Stone" or "Didn't have the stone" or "Passed on the stone" or something.

Anyway, if there's any place on this earth that turns dross into gold, it's Vegas.


Even in Alchemy, the phrase "passed on the stone" means something much more painful.

Same weekend as Lovecraft Film Fest. Oh, the decisions.

I've been looking for a reason to go to Vegas again. And this way I wouldn't even have to lose any money gambling! Lost a bundle? Just make some more!

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