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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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existential threat
The Eye of Argon has apparently been published.

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Huh, only a month ago, too.

Comets in the sky, a hot winter, and now this...

the end is nigh...

Fine! I get it! I won't finish my degree! ;)

I don't envy the editor's job, having to go through that whole story and make sure all the spelling and punctuation is true to the original.

I wonder what's in the published book. It'd be cool if they dug up one of the legendary originals complete with scribbled notes and struck-out text, and included a photographic reproduction.

People have been copying and sending this thing to friends for years. If people enjoy the work that much, shouldn't the author actually get compensated for his work?

"Enjoy" is a strong word...

This makes me happier than I can possibly explain.

That's 'cause you're a freak ;)

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