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Immanentizing the something or other

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spider jerusalem
Apparently China has been shooting lasers at US satellites in an attempt to disable them. Joy.

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And now we know why Google was fucked up on Monday.

a high-powered emitter located atop or in immediate proximity to the kremlin was irradiating the white house and capitol dome with various wavelengths (microwave, etc.) for better than two decades...

-- sven

The Kremlin? Do you have a cite for this, as I would expect that the curvature of the earth would be a problem for this.

american embassy in moscow, not white house... my bad. still pretty funny (in some morbid sense) though.


-- sven

Okay. That makes _way_ more sense. :)

That's kind of neat in a technical sense...

The USSR used to do the same thing

I would have much rather we'd spent half a billion dollars building a giant robot than wasting it in the Middle East...

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