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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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screw-on head
Does anyone else ever get the urge to run up to a random person on the street and urgently say "What's the date?" and when they say something like "July 26th", reply with an agitated "No no, the year, what's the year!" and when they say 2006 or whatever reply with a startled look and a "no, that can't be!" and run off? Or is that just me. It's probably just me.

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(Deleted comment)
Like jeans and a T-Shirt? I think it could also work if you were wearing clothes that pinned you down to a specific time that was clearly wrong.

(Deleted comment)
I still have a "Button Your Fly" t-shirt someone could borrow... :)

ha! do you also still have a hypercolor shirt?

I dunno. I think you should be wearing old-timey Victorian clothing, or maybe 1950's clothing (which might be hard to distinguish at first glance anyway).

Even better, would be to have a large cardboard box marked "TIME MACHINE" and then emerge from it in completely modern, present-day clothing, and then do the above. Then run back to the machine and note that the large cardboard arrow hasn't been properly set to point to "THE PAST". Grin sheepishly, then set the arrow and dash back inside. Make rumbling, time-travel noises and then never come out.


(Deleted comment)
2006!! Too late! I'll never be able to prevent it now! *runs away*

dude I am so doing that when I go to Chicago for Brassy's and am in my big gown.

That would be so awsome. I expect a full report ;)

Just don't have any wires sticking out of backpacks when you do it, lest you go the way of our brave zombie companions... (into jail)

"2006? You're sure it's July 26, 2006? Not the 25th? Oh God I missed it by 24 hours!!" *look at them with pity* "I'm so sorry. May God have mercy on your soul." *look around* "On all of your souls." *run away*

Well if we didn't before, I think we do *now*

good good. as long as i've managed to inspire people to random wierdness.

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