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screw-on head
kadath is clearly confused, because she's the one with lame ice powers.

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as long as they're not lame-ass ice powers or lame ass-ice powers.

I dunno, man. You're from East Millinocket so I can totally see you having ice powers. However, you're from _East_ Millinocket so I can totally see those ice powers being of the lame variety.

screw you, man. screw. you.

Screw you too, ice-powers girl. :P

You are in so much denial.

...said the woman denying her lame ice powers.

Because they're your lame ice powers.

sure they are. listen, just 'cause you've got lame ice powers is no reason to start accusing other people of having them.

Oh, honestly. If you'd just admit it and come to grips with it, you'd feel a lot better.

If only you realized how much I just wish you'd take this advice. Your advanced state of denial is starting to worry me.

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