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Immanentizing the something or other

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We call it Life
So, a 'think tank' funded by the energy industry has come up with the strangest idea ever: pro CO2 ads. Look for yourself. It's the tagline at the end that gets me. They seem like a Saturday Night Live fake ad.
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This is how money solves problems in a capitalist system... ain't it grand?

nope. You all have to suffer along with me. :P


I know it will be an incredibly turbulent time, but the sooner we run out of oil the better.

Stupid monkeys!

(you do realise, after we finish with the oil... we're going to burn the 500-1000 years of coal we have sitting around...)

You gotta wonder, who greenlighted that ad? Who thinks a pro-CO2 ad is a good idea?

On a completely unrelated note, you've got a bunch of the Traveller reprints, right? Could I borrow some of those? Also, wanna do lunch tomorrow after your interview up here?

Thanks for the support link! :P

What really gets me is they solicit for money based on these. That, my friend, is cahones. Plus greed, as I'm sure the right wing has funded them through 3006.

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