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Immanentizing the something or other

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Robert Jordan has apparently been diagnosed with primary amyloidosis with cardiomyapathy, a disease with a median survival time with treatment of 4 years.

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In real-life terms, that's very sad. :(

But, to be flippant (and because if I don't say it, someone else will) it *is* better than my longtime fear that he'd be killed suddenly in an auto accident. At least this way there's a remote possibility that he'll document how he planned to unravel his tangled skein.

good for you is bad for me

Documentation means more sequels. I want the damned thing to end.

Fucker better spend the next four years chained to his fucking computer.

Write! You bastard.

HA i knew he would die before the completetion(sp?) of his work.

I still maintain that he's getting paid by the word and is only prolonging his storyline for the money.
That being said, it's sad to hear that he's terminallly ill but I still respect him as an author anymore.

...but I still don't respect him as an author anymore...

Grrr...forgot a word.

Dumas wrote as he did because he was paid by the word (or page, depending on which book)... the consequential style(s) are still praised as classic literature...

Because its classic, doesn't necessarily mean its good.

*ducks the oncoming wraith*

At least some people must think so... that is how things become classics...

You needn't agree, of course.

I gave up around book 5. Couldn't stand the whole "women and men are OK by themselves, but can't function if they're within 50 feet of each other" thing, even if it does have an perfectly logical in-world reason (the whole "magic is fucked-up in one gender" thing causing the normal interactions between the genders to get fucked up as well). Mostly because (AFAIK) he doesn't even bother touching such logic, which makes me suspect he simply can't do intergender interactions usefully and I'm making up an excuse.

"...on the other hand, of course, there is a lot more spanking here than one generally finds in epic fantasy. If you're into that kind of thing."

    —Charles William Anderson, reviewing Winter's Heart on Amazon, 10 October 2001

Only appealing if I can at least pretend it's both concentual and sane. I might be able to convince myself of the former, but given my above comment I can't really rely on the later. I feel sorry for Jordan's love life, if he's straight and his writing reflects his experiences/personal knowledge.

I feel sorry for Jordan's love life, if he's straight and his writing reflects his experiences/personal knowledge.

For me, the really sad part – as far as the relations between the sexes in the novels go, at least – is knowing that his wife is his editor.

"... reason, and accountability."

Tim's response - "He'd better get busy finishing the series, then."

Mine was a girly sound of sympathy. That sucks.

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