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teeny little super guy
So, I'm considering going to Boskone this year. Anyone else going?

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I looked at the programming and I don't the mood I've been in lately, I'd probably just try to browbeat the panelists. Zack might be going.

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I'm thinking of going, but primarily because George R.R. Martin said I should go to a party his fans hold and I'm totally starstruck. Panels could be neat, but other than the celebrity factor they sort of seem like a mix between class and a bunch of people sitting in the Wedge talking about how Mon Calamari culture should function.

I was asking around to see if anyone had hotel space they wanted to share, though if people are interested I could host some people at my apartment in Waltham.

The GRRM fan groups throw good parties. We went to one at Worldcon.

true. but they're filthy Lannister sympathisers.

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