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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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pointless entry
Man. that's a lot of hey now, hey now now...

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Just because you're goth doesn't mean you aren't a cliche rocker.

(Deleted comment)
Oh, come on. You've seen the video. He can't possibly believe that, and neither can you ;P

...SoM nay mot be Goth...

...but they rock...
...and they sound like another later band who has a real deep voice lead singer but i cna't think of their name...think it had a number in the name.
help me out...

Re: ...SoM nay mot be Goth...

Type O-negative?

Re: ...SoM nay mot be Goth...

...right, that's them...Type-O Negative...
my son turned me on to them. Don't like them quite as much as i liked SoM but they were ok.
(it wasn't numbers but letters, i guess the
negative part threw me off)

Super Furry Animal's new album is named Love Kraft.

IHNJ, I just felt you'd like to know.

... sing this corrosion to me.

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