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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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Anyone know why TnT(the AIM client for emacs) is all broken and stuff?

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I'm having problems with centericq too. If you connecting from sidey, it may just be a problem with connecting from there.

Nope, its broken from my machine at home too.

And I just loaded up TNT-2.5, still borked in the latest version...


TnT, I'm dynamite
TnT, and I'll win the fight,
TnT, I'm a power load
TnT, watch me explooooooooode!

Does that help? :-)

No. Curse you and your AC/DC quoting ways!

because emacs is either a bloated editor or a kludgy interpreted operating environment, and it can't make up it's fucking mind which!!!!11!!oneoneoeneleven

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