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The Band

By limitedbythesky

House of Usher Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 14th April 2013
Best Album: 'Knurl Prigged' 10/10 in the NME (Album of the Year 2009.)
Best Single: 'Prearm Brazil Resound Have Vapored Shris' 10/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 12th January 2010.)
Records Sold: 1,290,157,427 in total (415,484,082 albums, 874,673,345 singles).
Reputation: Legendary
Groupies: Casual sex to mpgalvin is what the Holy Bible is to a Christian.

House of Usher Member Profiles


After a seemingly impossible amount of singing lessons, kadath has developed a relatively reasonable singing voice.


lucasthegray is technically gifted but lacks the creativity and originality of cult heroes like Hendrix and Satriani.

When brynndragon started out in Jun 2005 they couldn't handle any more than 2 strings at a time, now after a long period of dedicated practice brynndragon is finally beginning to master the bass.

arcticelf manages to compensate for a lack of natural musical talent through a unique and constantly evolving approach to percussion.

cykotek lacks self confidence which subsequently inhibits their on-stage performance. They often complain about feeling left out of the group.

Single Releases

# Title Date
19 Frenum Bowls Aggrade Luxated Blink Rimester Aug 2005
19 Plead Comfiest Raftsmen Frighted Ideality Raddle Sep 2005
15 Herstory Nov 2005
6 Coloreds Tollgate Shelly Debar Aslant Versify Dec 2005
2 Calamary Ekes Belter Oct 2006
1 Gavot Script Jan 2007
1 Samisen Cowering Twerps Pooched Zebu Dictate Feb 2007
2 Bras Jul 2008
1 Scalping Macrames Secerns Aug 2008
2 Gartered Nov 2008
2 Godlier Smoggy Foursome Trepang Renal Dec 2008
1 Prearm Brazil Resound Have Vapored Shris Jan 2010
1 Retard Rutile Mar 2010
1 Crouse Poisoned Remover Apr 2010
1 Plasters Cholents Snippers Oct 2011
1 Regives Scumming Reattain Dec 2011
2 Ripening Insurant Forgoer Feb 2012

Album Releases

# Title Date
34 Khazenim Allergy Becrawl Pint Voyage Jun 2005
N/A Robots Yearners Biddable Hoglike Calathus Condoms Sep 2006
1 Pigboats Haika Untufted Deedless Takable Apr 2008
2 Knurl Prigged Nov 2009
2 Stators Lessons Sep 2011

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