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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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Batman Plans, Redux
As I'm not all that interested in the Drive-in plan, (sorry etherial) who wants to go see Batman Begins tonight?

Edit: How does 9:30 at Blackstone Valley sound? (not that i know where it is or anything.)

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I will.

You want to go to Blackstone Valley?

Drive ins suck. Some idiot on the front always decides that they'll be able to see the screen better with their headlights on. The sound sucks, there's bugs, and a thousand idiots in their idiot boxes. Drive ins suck.

What's the plan for tomight?

Let's not forget the one guy who can't control his stereo and ends up blasting music through most of the movie...

and the kid who pukes on your car...

and how the screen always falls over, killing dozens of movie-goers... ... okay, that one rarely happens, but still!

Do you want my damn kitchen table or not?

Dude, Drive-ins are awesome.

I'm sorry your car radio sucks and you can't afford a boombox, but if you haven't been to the Mendon Twin, you haven't been to a Drive-in.

When/where? I'll need to round up Esther, and I don't get out of work til after 6, so...

I'm in.

Anyone else up for combatting crowds and going out for dinner beforehand?

There's a TGIF and some other stuff at the Blackstone Valley mall. We could meet up there and choose one around 7:45ish?

MAY be there independantly at same time. Rich (of Da Guys)'s b-day celebration slightly amended due to illness of his fiancee.

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