lucasthegray (lucasthegray) wrote,

1. What started you on Lovecraft, and what about his work appeals to you?

If I remember correctly, it was reading The Call of Cthulhu in some anthology I picked up at the library when i was in the 6th or 7th grade... either that or the Call of Cthulhu RPG, which i first looked at at about the same time. I'm not sure I can effectively articulate what it is that appeals to me, but... something about the cosmic nature of the horror he tried to present, maybe.

2. Why do you think Brian's Fading Suns game worked so beautifully? What was it about Martin that made him appealing for you to play? (Okay, I'm cheating, but they're interlocking questions.)

Well, I think that it was in large part due to the particular mix of characters in the game, especially since we could support hours and hours of quite enjoyable game without any real GM intervention. I also think the novelty of the setting was partly to blame. As to Martin... what I found appealing about playing Martin was the stretch of playing the religious character, as well as the odd (for me) role of spiritual advisor i was playing.

3. What is your favorite poem, and why?

The Second Coming by W.B. Yeats. Because of the last two lines.

4. What would you most like to spend a vacation doing, time and money no object?

Hmmm... I'd probably like to take a tour of the 'spooky places of North America' though, if you asked me tomorrow, I'd likely come up with something completely different.

5. When are you going to give me the brain?

I need the Brain, I forgot what lettuce is!

And as always, if you want to be interviewed by me, leave a comment, and additionally if you want to ask me questions feel free to do so in the comments here.
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