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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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(no subject)
So, last night my laptop made an ominous *click clickk click* *Ping!* Beeep! noise, and the harddrive thereafter was no longer recognized as bootable media. I forsee myself on the phone with tech support trying to convince them i need a new hard drive for a while tonight. So, barring a miracle, I will be unable to be reached via the internet for the weekend, and any time while i'm not at work for a while. If anyone who doesn't have it needs my cell # leave a comment as such here, with a way to contact you and i will give you the number in question.

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(Deleted comment)
Actually, that would be pretty sweet. How could i arrange to obtain one of these devices for a time?

Could you just think about your phone number for a few minutes so I could read your mind and make sure the one I have is up to date?


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