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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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kinda neat thingy.
* Scan my interest list. List any that seem odd to you.

* I’ll explain it.

* Then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.

stolen from kadath, who doesn't have any listed interests that seem odd to me.

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(Deleted comment)
because i added phillip k. dick first, realised i'd spelled it wrong, and added philip k. dick, while neglecting to remove the first one.

It's a concept that eventually technology will overcome the problem of scarcity of resources, and anyone will be able to have pretty much everything they need without impacting anyone else. I find it interesting to contemplate what society might be like after such a transition.

Isn't that Star Trek basically? At least in concept?

not really, 'cause not everyone had their own personal replicator that they could use whenever they wanted, for whatever they wanted...

if you don't know the Red Green show you are missing out.

A Canadian show, broadcast on public tv here in the states. I find it vastly amusing.

Abandoned factory buildings, cool architecture covered in weeds and grime, that kind of thing. you see a lot of it around worcester, actually...

Ah... I was thinking of it in a more verb-ish sense, likening it to watching paint dry. The effect is much more interesting than the process. ;)

The religious cartoon rantings of Jack T. Chick. Funny, in an ironic way, and compelling in that train wreck way.


also, Tesla: band or Science!tist.

post-scarcity: see above.

Tesla: Man of Science!

ach, duplicate post!

curse my metal body; i was too slow!

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