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Repost: Party!

*Reposted, since it got immediately pushed off everyone's friends page by the election*
Alright everybody, I'm announcing it here first: We're going to be celebrating the anniversary of my birth* So, Come to the Arrow-shaped house and have a good time. you know you want to. there'll be booze! you like booze. unless you dont. but there'll be non-booze too for those of you who don't like it. and there might be barbecue. if we feel like it, which we might...
When: Saturday, November 20th 2004 starting 7:30-ish
Where: 140 Gratuity Rd. Groton, MA
What: Duh. party!
Why: see above.
How: well, you just sort of... party. you know how.**

So, at this point you're probably wondering how to get to this strange
arrow-shaped house in the middle of nowhere. Here are some E-Z directions:
1. Get to I-495, if you are north of exit 31 go south, if you are south of
exit 31 go north.

2. get off the highway at exit 31, if you came from the north, go left
off of the exit. If you came from the south, go right off of the exit.

3. stay on 119 for about 6 or 7 miles, throught Groton center.

4. On the other side of groton center you will go down a hill(not a very
steep one) and the road passes under a railroad bridge. Immediately after
this take a left. really immediately. mere feet afterward. don't blame me
if you miss it.

5. go down this road and you will come to an intersection with a stop
sign. go straight through this intersection.

6. You are now on Gratuity Rd. We're number 140, which is on the right.
parking is readily available, but carpool if you can.

7. You're there already. Have fun, dagnabbit!

So, to sum up: Unbirthday party. Be there.

-Lucas, Lee, and Turin

*Not really my birthday, but close.
**if you don't know how to party, i'm sure someone will be able to help you learn how.
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