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Immanentizing the something or other

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Exciting Sunday
screw-on head
So, I'm sitting in the living room, and arcticelf and freespirit777 are sitting in front of the fire. Our next door neighbor comes by and says "I think you have a chimney fire."

Cut to, arcticelf going up to the roof with a fire extinguisher... the roof is a little bit on fire... fire is put out(as far as we can tell) with a garden hose. Fire dept. is called... they go on to the roof. Luckily no major damage is done to the roof...
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I second this. As a kid, we had a chimney fire due to a flying squirrel going down the chimney, catching fire, and trying to escape. It sucked. And was smelly and noisy.

Ugh, sounds like it's time for the landlord to get a chimney sweep in. Here's a listing if you need to prod him/her: http://www.chimneys.com/professionals/us1.html
The BBB should also have listings under chimney cleaning: http://www.worcester.bbb.org/commonroster.html?letter=C

As it turns out, our chimney is creosote free, according to the firemen. it looks like exhaust gasses might have ignited leaves or pine needles or something on the (flat)roof...

Weird! Maybe Lee should get some trees trimmed...

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

... it had to be said ...

For some reason, this creates in my mind an image of your neighbor calmly visiting and politely mentioning that he suspects you might have a chimney fire, and were you aware of this possibility? To which you reply with mild interest that no, you were not in fact aware of this possibility, and that you would perhaps investigate. Upon discovering the fire, you then take action to extinguish it, but also call the fire department and say something such as "Sorry to trouble you, but it appears that we might have a chimney fire, which might be spreading onto our roof. I just thought that perhaps you might be interested in such a thing. Good day to you." I'm not certain why I'm picturing it all taking place so calmly and politely.

because it's the opposite of what normally happens.

This is almost exactly what happened.

Did I miss the part in which you invited the neighbor in for tea before investigating the fire?

That almost sounds like a Bill Bryson book...

When you evetually buy your own house, I recommend you have the entire thing made of non-burning materials. This is not a trend you want to continue... ;)

Is this your parent's house in ME or Lee's pointy house of doom? I don't remember if he had a chimney...

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