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Immanentizing the something or other

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Further Update.
As of 14:00h yesterday, my mother was still in the Critical Care Unit. Surgery itself went quite well, and they ended up doing an extra bypass, bringing the total to four. Apparently, her small stature, when combined with her back problems have caused the initial recovery to take longer. She was supposed to be moved from CCU to the cardiac ward on Wednesday afternoon, but was not deemed fit enough to do so at that time. As far as I know, she's still there now... I'm expecting a call when they finally move her.

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You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

it's gonna be all right

it is rare and fantastic (promising) news that they were able to successfully extract and graft venal material from such a small-statured human being.

slight differences in capillary/circulatory growth cause cold-climate residents [such as this rugged-and-proud little corner of the country] to recover more fully/quickly from cardiopulmonary procedures [though sometimes they have to move to warmer climes or keep the heat cranked up afterwards].

*you* are one of my favorite rugged-and-proud residents, mr. mccauslin, and you (and your family) are in my thoughts.

-- sven

Thinking of you and your mom.


Glad to hear the surgery went well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

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