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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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Extraterritoriality, here we come!

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yeah right. the lobby state achieves the same result whilst the masses still pay for the trash man. any corp shooting for extraterr would be obligated out of necessity to provide all sorts of crap that's better handled already.

why get permission for embassy-like treatment when you can change the overarching laws with money to make more money? uh oh, i see a feedback bling-lock-loop.

There's a technicality in that, though...that whole Horatio Alger, "you might be rich too someday, so don't tax the wealthy too much" mentality.

It strikes me that more folks want to BE IN the loop, vs BREAKING it.

Is it too cynical to think some type of revolution (not neccesarily violent, mind) might be the only recouse? 'Cuz I'm starting to think like that.

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