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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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I just got the car! $1290(estimate) of repairs already?!? Dammit!

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How long ago did you buy?

You may be covered.

December 26th in Maine...

Let me talk to some folks...

It's called the Lemon Law, dude. The seller is required to fix it, free of charge to you, if something goes wrong within the first 30 days. (or maybe it's 60 or 90... I forget that part...)

It's usually 90 in MA, unless the car's older than X years (not sure the # here)

Maine's could very well be different, though. If you know anyone in ME, have them check out the restrictions.

teh sux0r, dude. Any luck on that Lemon Law thing?

Unfortunately: the Maine Lemon Law is very restrictive, and doesn't seem to apply to me?

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