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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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The Weather...
I hate it when my moustache freezes.
That is all.

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Since my eyes were watering while walking to work, I had to thaw ice crystals from my eyelashes. :(

Ow, I feel for you. Sending lots of pipe keeping warm vibes too.

If I could knit...

I'd make you a mustache warmer, but I can't. Oh well...

I agree! Also, "So Flute" is a good song.

Dude that icon kicks ass. I especially like the wink.

People's cars have been freezing at the work lot...and I didn't dry my hands after cleaning my car's windows, and they stuck to the doorhandle last week.

Y'know, researchers think it requires a short period of global warming followed by a few REALLY cold winters to trigger an ice age. Possibilities?

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