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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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screw-on head
There's a Hellboy movie trailer up, and the movie is set for release on 4/2/04. The trailer makes it look like they've stayed pretty true to the comic. Oh, and it kicks ass.

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I would just like to say...


You know we're gonna have to have a Hellboy kick-off party where Mikey serves up his hottest creations?

Yeah, it looks totally awesome. I like how they somehow managed to make him look completely like Hellboy, yet it's just as evident that it's Ron Perlman in there. And he's definitely got the right tone and attitude for the role. It's interesting to note that they apparently managed to keep the Hand of Doom on his right, rather than swapping it to the left, as there'd been word they were maybe gonna do so that the actor (I don't think they'd nailed down Perlman in the role at the time) could do stuff if right-handed.

He appears to manage to not instantly lose his gun after maybe getting off a shot. Even fires two shots at one point. heh.

["Are you going to be... okay?" "How big could it be?" *YANK!*]

Totally looking forward to this.

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