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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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So, today included a trip to the hospital! whee! sometime around 8:30 this morning, I had a strange distortion in my visual field: the peripheral vision on the right side went away and was replaced by... nothingness? light? it's hard to describe. I decided that this would be an opportune time to go to the hospital. shortly after the ambulance they called got here and while I was being examined, the phenomenon went away. I was still inclined to go to the hospital and get checked out anyway, since i've never had a history of anything like that before. Their conclusion: doesn't seem like anything immediately dangerous, and it was only in the one eye, so we're going to sent you to an opthamologist. After managing to wade through all the HMO bullshit, I managed to get an appointment to the opthamologist they referred me to from the ER. Now, I await their call to confirm when I can go in.

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I get a similar sensation when I am about to have a migraine headache. With the stress you are under at work with people being laid off, it's no surprise you are feeling physical effects.

Take care of yourself...let us know how thing work out!

Ick! I hope you're ok and it's nothing serious.

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I'm thinking stress - any headaches or problems with veins or blood pressure? One of my relatives had this issue where the veins in his eyes were so stressed he had temporary blindness...

That sounds like what I later found out was called a "visual migrane". I had my first of those when I was 22 or so, got all worried, had my eyes checked even though it went away on its own, they found nothing wrong. I had maybe 2 or 3 since then. They're rare for me, and I've not been able to predict quite what causes them although lack of sleep and eyestrain are generally involved, but those don't always trigger one, either.

Apparently it's a "visual migrane" if you only get the visual part and a headache does not follow.

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That happens to me with reasonable frequency (on average, every couple of weeks). About nine times out of ten it doesn't lead to a headache; the tenth, it leads to The Mother Of All Headaches. They seem to be precipitated by stress and/or putting off eating for a little too long. In my case they last for about half an hour, with the colorful distortion pattern getting slowly larger, until finally it gets big enough that it goes "out of frame", so to speak, and it's over, except for a half-hour or so of being unable to focus properly.

Last time it happened was... mm... Monday. No headache that time, luckily.

I used to have them more often - they were coming more than weekly when I worked at USDC, I think because of the seriously shitty "hi-tech" NOC lighting. The first time I had one was about six years ago when I worked at GTE. I called my doctor, who referred me to an ophthalmologist, who said, "That sounds like a detached retina. Come in as soon as you can." Then it went away and I called back, and he said, "Oh, well, if it went away on its own it can't have been a retinal detach. Must be visual migraines."

So, rejoice that you don't have a retinal detach, anyway, because those really really bite.

yeep. sounds like descriptions I've heard of pre-migrane weirdness... hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about.

OMG...I started reading this I and nearly fell out of my chair. I'm sure the brain just got a little scrambled when you woke up...you know with stress and all. I hope you will be alright. Let me know if you need anything.

Just catching up and wow. I am glad its nothing major and your better. *hugs*

Since everyone is providing thier initial guess as to what caused it I shall to. ... It was a ... temporal disturbance. You somehow managed to step part way out of time but only with a part of one eye.

Take care and rest up temporal disturbances can be tricky. =)

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