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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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(no subject)
It occurs to me that I have become something of a hermit since moving out to Groton. I essentially go from home to work back home every day, without ever doing anything else. I am lame. I need to get out of the house, and see people that I don't live/work with sometime during the week...

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(Deleted comment)
Heh. I'm not going to visit you in CT till you get somewhere for me to sit ;) but meeting in worcester sounds like a great plan. we could meet others there as well. it would be good or something.

(Deleted comment)
Not that anyone ever comes to visit me and I have furniture. *sniffle*

Yeah, like you couldn't come to pot luck night? Hello??

I don't even know where you live...

other people? like a gathering of old friends? Name a time and place ye olde pillar of fun and I'll be there.

We're having a good old fashioned booze-up to celebrate Seth H's departure to NYC. We're hosting at Heywood, but I'm waiting to hear back from S as to whether we're doing on Sunday or Monday. (He's gone on Fri,Sat unfortunately, then leaving during the week.)

I vote for people getting together in Worcester for dinner tonight. I don't really know where in particular, but y'know, if people who've scattered out to the four winds are talking about meeting in Worcester, then I'm up for doing that tonight instead of spending my birthday at home alone.

So, yeah. Tonight. Worcester. Food. Stuff. Who's in?

Whee! Happy B-day Slarti! sounds like a plan to me... where do we gather, though?

Your we come to stop buy and say hi to the Worcester Werewolf game in the wedge at 7:30. You will see Darkwolf, Chameleonac, Doompuppy, Guenpanther, Nagilum, and a few others.

Not tonight, I've got game. Tomorrow night I'll be in Worcester hanging out with doompuppy anyway, so a gathering of nifty people then would rock my socks.

Indeed. Happy Birthday.

Let me know whats up w/ plans, I will be climbing till 18h30 or so, but would love to come down for somthing this evening.

Goddess Bless

All Hail Slarticus Emperor of the Known Universe!

Happy Birthday :)

Crappity crap crap.

I've got a class tonight... 7:30-9pm. Happy B-day Slarti! I may have to tell you in person some other day.

Screw it. I said if the pillar of fun named a time and place I'd be there. I went to class yesterday and have plenty to practice to keep me busy until next week. I'll be in the wedge this evening to join the gathering.

(Deleted comment)
Sounds like a grand idea to me! As the pillar of Fun I officially declare the meeting place the Wedge, around 7:30. From there we shall proceed to O'Connor's, assuming of course this is acceptible for the Birthday boy...

This is, to me, a great and glorious plan. Let it be done!

Oooooooooo - I was at O'Connor's last night celebrating my birthday...I had the beef tenderloin saltimbocca insead of my usual Guinness Pie.

I hope y'all had fun!

Unfortuately, I made my comment before all these plans came in and then was in the animal facility until 7pm. I didn't find out about your birthday gathering until Jski came home.
Hm. Suck.

*shakes fists to the heavens*

I am obligated to be in Lowell this evening.

But I will be in town for the "Kick-Seth-Out-of-the-State" party
as long as somebody tells the ex-Worcesterites which night it is...

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