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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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screw-on head
Well, I'm finally writing in this thing again.. .I've just now set up the livejournal client on my machine at home... Just got back from dinner at Medieval Manor, in Boston- the show was pretty cool, and the food was good too. It was a gathering to say goodbye to Sarah and Jeff, cause they will be moving back to California in August. I really haven't seen much of them in a while, but i'll miss them. Jeff was a cool guy and Sarah was pretty damn cool too. oh well... life goes on, things change people move away... guh. At times, it seems as though everyone is moving on and leaving me behind. Man that sounds so melodramatic 'oh i'm so _alone_' . whatever. I'm gonna go to sleejp now.

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Help me, I've fallen into Michigan and I can't get up!

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