lucasthegray (lucasthegray) wrote,

"It's the blame America first crowd," Buchanan said Thursday during his two-hour show Buchanan and Press on the cable network MSNBC. "The Canadians . . . have been defended by the United States, they pay nothing for defense. "That place is a complete haven for international terrorists," he told co-host Bill Press. "Even their own retired security guys say it's a complete haven. We . . . need lectures from some people, not from Soviet Canuckistan."

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    Dude! Children draw the monsters of H.P. Lovecraft

  • Huh?

    So, it seems that Nick Cave of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds fame has been tapped to do a rewrite of the script for the Crow remake... I am not sure…

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    did someone reading this call me at ~2:00AM and fail to leave a message?

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