January 28th, 2002

screw-on head

public service announcement

so, i was reading the Brunching website and came across the following:

If you poke a fork into the creamy middle of an oreo cookie before dunking it, you can use the fork to dunk the cookie. That way, you keep your hands dry and you dunk the whole cookie at once. Try it and see.

This is one of those things, like TiVo and democracy, that you never really realize you need until you've experienced it.

I tried just that, and i have to say that Lore, as ususal, is correct. It is nearly the best thing ever. It's so simple, and yet i've never thought of it

In other wierdness, i came home on friday night to find that.our answering machine had three messages from collect calls from a prisoner at a correctional facility in Connecticut. I couldn't make out the name of the person calling, but it certainly was odd.
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