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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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Well, the weekend started out okay. slept in on Saturday, spent the afternoon shopping for props for the evening's LARP with kadath, rendiggy, and darkwolf. Got ready for said LARP with cranial tattoo application assistance from my clanmates above. Attended the LARP, and enjoyed myself quite a bit. I was very impressed with jediseth's costume-- awesome gargoyle costume, dude. Sunday, I slept in again (blessed blessed sleep...), and hung around the house until i decided to go to dinner before the Nobilis game, at which time, i got in a small bumper destroying car accident while pulling out of my driveway. Does anyone know any good auto body places, where i can get an estimate for my insurance company? ended up going to the Nobilis game, where one of the players was so dense(as usual) that he was breaking the game experience for the rest of us, and in fact i think that was the reason that kadath left the game early. I wonder how he summons up the brainpower to breathe sometimes...

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Irrelevantly, you share far too many of my interests, especially the literary ones.

And you have one of my favorite Lovecraft quotes in your userinfo.

Hi there.

Hello yourself.
In looking at your userinfo, I realize that you list several interests of mine that I had not thought to list...

and all the orkies say: "...EDDIE, BREATHE!!!"
and Eddie says: *gaaaaasp*

mike, disturbing the peace

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