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The weekends

Once again, i take my time between updates... Last weekend(Labor Day) was spent at kadath's summer house in Cow Hampshire, and i have to say it was alot of fun, even if i didn't get much sleep thanks to sharing a room with the Worcester Men's Snoring Chorus :). I especially enjoyed the large amount of time i got to spend idly swimming about. Oh and the construction of darkwolf's sand city of Doom was also a lot of fun-- i provided the Necropolis.

This past weekend was pretty full as well. Gaming Weekend was this weekend, and i had to skip out on Saturday entirely because i was busy with other commitments. Friday night wasbonisagus's Star Wars one shot game. It was interesting, if kind of longer than i thought it would be. Saturday brought the GweepCo picnic, which was a great time. i thoroughly enjoyed clambering around on the rocks, and talking with people that i don't get to see all that often. Saturday night was the bachelor party for Troll. QEDrakmar, Purple DJ, the infamous Mr. Lou, joeski, lee, thatxmas, mikecap, rogue, zik, and i dragged Troll to four places: Pool at Jillian's in worcester ,followed by fish madness at Zipango, followed by Zara's(a jazz bar in Worcester) followed by The Crystal Palace, where we were joined by kadath. All in all a fun night, even if I did have a stabbing pain behind my left eye for most of it. Sunday was Big Blue's Dying earth game which was really neat. I'd like to play in a Rhialto the Magnificent level game at some point, although the Cugel level game was certainly a lot of fun. After gaming weekend was over: more gaming! Craig's Nobilis game, where i'm playing the power of secrets, and i'm teamed up with kadath's character, the seven year old power of music. Wierdness ensued in game, which i'm not going to go into detail about here. Anyway, it's time for me to get to bed.

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