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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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long time coming...
screw-on head
Well, it's been quite a while since i've posted anything of substance... let's see... what have i been up to... I've finally settled on a character for lordsoth's LARP, now i just have to flesh out the details and send them in. I've got a new laptop that i quite like... in fact i'm posting from the living room couch with it. I'm anxiously awaiting the beginning of the DE Profundis game i'm going to be playing witholdest_song. It should be great fun, or at least deeply disturbing :). Just got the cookbook by Alton Brown, and it looks really cool. His show Good Eats is also amazing. I'm looking forward to Labor Day weekend(yay! three days off!), and that's about it for now.