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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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Lookin' happily deranged
Got back not too long ago from an Adventures of Pete & Pete marathon at Matt and Jenna's place up in Manchester. I've always thought that show was cancelled too soon. I'm glad they're showing it somewhere. Now all they need to do is release the show on DVD and i'll be happy. It was good seeing Matt and Jenna too. I miss having them around...

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WOO! After the one time I caught it floating around Ubercable, I never found the show again. Who's showing it? I must know!

it's on The-N. Apparently they're also showing Daria, which i also liked...

Keeping in mind of course that I'm in the original target audience for that show...

That was a GREAT show. It even had jokes about aluminum siding salesmen.

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