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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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Spreading the Meme
The LJ meme continues to spresd: Welcome, kadath!

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(Deleted comment)

It's pronounced "mEEE-m"

... and it's actually a philosophical theory.
For further reading, I suggest Daniel Dennett, as he is a contemporary proponent of the meme. Of especial fondness to my heart is his book Consciousness Explained (*snicker*-*snicker-snarf*)

Either someone's being funny, or hasn't surfed over to


Failing that... hmm. A 'contagious ideological primitive' is about the best three-words-or-less definition I can come up with.


(Deleted comment)
A meme is when I tell you something. And I tell that same thing to someone else. And then a third person tells me.

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