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Google abuse

so, i got this idea from qedrakmar: do a google search on the quoted phrase "yourname is" and see what you get for results. I got these:

Lucas is best known for his results in number theory: in particular he studied the Fibonacci sequence and the associated Lucas sequence is named after him
Lucas is a farming community of 436 people nestled in the heart of Post Rock Country and the Smoky Hills region of Kansas
Lucas is the Chairman of the Board of the George Lucas Educational Foundation.
Lucas is a member of the Congressional Caucus to Fight and Control Methamphetamine.
LUCAS is a multidisciplinary, land use management tool funded by the "Man and the Biosphere (MAB)" program
Lucas is a hilarious stand-up comedian and world champion ...
Lucas is STUPID
Lucas is beginning his first season as the Head Coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers
Lucas is a jerk
lucas is where the desert meets the ocean and where land ends at the tip
Lucas is right
Lucas is invaluable.
Lucas is the Minister for Innovation and Information Economy
Lucas is the leader of the New Classical school - the "modern" version of the Chicago School
Lucas is an amazing talent--working with both complex and simple puppets and objects, he often makes us forget that he is really the only one "talking
Lucas is perhaps the most overlooked gem of the '80s teen genre

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