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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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Monday night sushi tonight! 7:30 at Zipango's. yummy nummy sushi! Who's going to be there?

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Count me in, I will be celebrating my newfound employedness. Also, I hear from rigel that neuromancerzss and thirdson are both in for tonight. mikecap is out, Troll I haven't heard from but Drak said he was interested. Else, I know not.

I'm pretty sure I'm on Cape Cod now, but since I don't really like fish or expensive meals (expensive being gauged on how much *I* pay for it) I'm not really missing the sushi plan. It would be cool to be in Worcester now to come hang out while other people eat, but such is not the case.

hee hee! GIR! *giggle* eeeeeeeeeee!

Yeah, totally dig the Gir. Gir makes me happy. And a dancing Gir makes me well... um.... ;)


I'm NAKED!!!!!!

I *thought* about going...

But I'm rather glad I ended up not...

See my post here

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