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Immanentizing the something or other

A journey into stuff

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screw-on head

Picture 001, originally uploaded by lucasthegray.

This is the reason I'm not at work today. I'd move the branches from the car, but they're tangled with the power lines from the house. strangely we still have power and internet, but i'm not moving them until the professionals get a chance to take care of the power lines.


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That looks like a really poor attempt at automotive camouflage. :)

Hidin' Ur Car...Ur Doin' It Wrong?

"This demonstrates the value of not being seen."

I had the same thing happen sortof!

Wow, that is full of suck.

Oh no! I hope the car's not damaged!

Good luck!

It's pretty bad how conditioned I am. My first thought was "meh, less than 300V"

If voltages don't have a "KV" suffix, they're small.

Hopefully the damage is limited to scratches on the paint. Doesn't look like any windows are broken. Enjoy your impromptu day off.

Oh man I burst into laughter when I saw that picture, sorry.

Sometimes the only thing to do is laugh. The alternative is to cry.

Awesome. I hope your car is ok...

Holy cow! Take care, and I hope your car is okay! *hugs*

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