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Don't Rest Your Head
bill bailey
Just got back from GMing the first session of my Don't Rest Your Head game. oldest_song was unable to make it as she was apparently very ill. I think the session went fairly well. I was a bit nervous going in to it, since people seemed quite excited at the prospect, and it's been a couple of years since I ran an ongoing game for people. The system is kind of odd, and I'm not sure that i've really got a feel for the balance of pain vs. players yet, but that should be worked out after the first few sessions. Hopefully everyone had fun, regardless of my somewhat rocky start. More details may follow when I'm less tired, but I wouldn't count on it ;)
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It's an interesting little game. Hope you have fun with it.


Wow, that was a quick reply. I hope to have fun with it as well. I take it you've played before? What was your impression?

I haven't played, just read, but I liked the whole sleep-dep mechanic and the madness stuff. It's totally Dark City the RPG.


That looks nifty! Hope you will run again or still be running when I get to town - I'd love to give it a try. :)

Please send healing thoughts to oldest_song. She claims her illness has *nothing* to do with biomedical research she was practicing on herself. She says that. We all know better.

Sometimes science goes awry, and a helping hand (or heart) is needed. Don't paint a cross on the door - just wish her good health and get her back on her feet. We really want her around for a long, *long* time into the future...

I'm sure you're awesome :) I still will tell stories about both the Amber game and the Mage game you ran that summer I was living in Worcester.

Well, it's certainly heartening that people are still telling stories about the game I ran what, 10 years ago?

I personally had a blast. The system is a hoot, and the player mix is almost perfect. If only we had a scheming writer...

We had the usual first session no one knows each other blues, but I think you handled that well. You really brought the creepy which we needed to get us in the paranoid mood.

My confidence remains high.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

If only we had a scheming writer...

I know. It would really bring everything together ;)
I'm glad you enjoyed the first session. Hopefully I'll be able to sustain it for 10 or 12 sessions :)

I ran a session of DRYH a while back. I don't think the mechanics are really balanced in any way, but they create an enjoyable slide. Specifically the only use of the coins of despair seems to be to avoid white dice dominating, since they just become coins of hope that can be spent to undo the effect of whatever dominated.

As to how much pain to give to a roll, Fred Hicks said somewhere that there are a few breakpoints. 1-3 means they only need white dice, so it's probably good for them (white dominating is better than pain dominating is bad). 4-6 means they only need an equal number of other dice, so they'll work out to getting pain but not hurting themselves. Higher than that means they have to add enough dice that every roll is bad for them.

All that said there is something very evocative about the setting (even though Fred said it was only supposed to be an example of the stuff you could come up with), and for us it was more about the storytelling horror than what the probabilities of X were on the dice. If you catch me online sometime I can tell you a little about how my game went.

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